Terms & Conditions

New Sites & Large Projects

We will have your site in perfect functioning order within a time agreed upon at start. This is usually as little as 30 days. A deposit of 25% is required at the start. If for any reason you choose not to proceed, this is not refundable, the work completed by this time would however be turned over to you. If for any reason we choose not to proceed, the full amount would be refunded, and the work completed would remain ours. If in the unlikely event that this should occur, we will offer you the chance to purchase the work done for a reasonable price.

Once the general design has been approved and work starts to build it, only small changes can be made. Large changes will be deemed to be another design and will be quoted again. How can you tell the difference? We will tell you. We are immensely reasonable and will do far more than most companies without adjustment.


The price quoted will only change if the “unknown” occurs. In this event, we will discuss all options with you before continuing further. At no point will the rates go up or the charge increase without a consultation with you.

Upon completion payment is expected within 7 days, at which point the files will be made live and ownership transferred to the client.


Smaller Projects and Upgrades

A deposit of %25 is required at the start. Recurring clients may be given exception at 2dragons discretion.

All work must be paid for within 7 days of invoice, at which time all work will be made live or the files handed over to the client. There are no exceptions to this.


We cannot be responsible for content and copy on WordPress. We will always have a backup of your design, but the content is constantly changing. There are many ways to back up the copy, get in touch if you want to know more.