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Project Description

Chad has been a client and now friend for a few years. He is a successful speaker and advocate for a calmer way of life. We did a couple of websites for him, and it’s possible there is a third on the horizon. Chad is always clear in what he wants the website to look like, this one was from a template he found online. Coding was a nightmare to figure out, but we took the original concept and made it do what Chad wanted. After a while ;).

Working with Chev to create my website was an absolutely amazing experience! She is simply awesome. (Seriously, you could stop reading this right now and hire her with no regrets whatsoever!)

I was completely clueless about creating a website before I started working with Chev. I knew only what I wanted my site to look like, and the purpose I wanted it to serve. I told Chev what I wanted, and I got exactly what I had envisioned — with lightening speed (I’m pretty sure she has access to fairy dust or a magic wand — she’s super fast)!

No matter how many times I contacted Chev, she was always spot-on at accommodating my requests. Her attitude and sense of humor are both fantastic, and she is an absolute blast to work with — pure fun! I now have a new friend in the UK.

Chev may be pure fun, but on a more serious note, she also has a strong, solid work ethic and her pricing is fair and affordable.

As someone who specializes in stress management, I can say with all honesty that working with Chev was a truly stress-free experience. I’m so grateful to have found her and would recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing web guru! – Chad Simpson

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Coded by 2dragons

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