Project Description

Some Of Our Recent Works

Some of this is our design, some is our coding, hopefully I have mentioned
the right people where credit is due, if not, drop us a line

Project Description

The lovely and Talented Joanne at Jolt Graphics is our go to designer when things get artistically difficult. She works predominantly in print and media so we are the coders for many of her websites that she designs for her clients that need a web presence.

I have been working with Chev for a few years now on many different types of projects. As a designer I send her images and a vague description of what I want the site to do and she brings it to reality. Somehow she manages to decipher my babble into exactly what I want. What I like about Chev is the lightening speed at which she delivers a project – I don’t think she ever sleeps! Her balance of humor and professionalism is very refreshing and will often brighten my day. No problem is too big for Chev and she is always available to bounce ideas off. I count on Chev more than she knows and I’m thankful to the person who referred her to me all those years ago. – Joanne Thomas

Project Details

Coded by 2dragons
Design by Jolt
Wordpress Platform

Project URL: Clients Site