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Project Description

iStone was more of a project than a web design. Babette runs a memorial headstone business, she wanted to offer a service that would allow relatives to pull up a website from a memorial via QR-Code. The website would be purchased by clients and then the supplied template filled out with the deceased’s life and photos. The website had to be self contained so that when a QR-Code was sold, all she had to do when enter a new account name / password and the whole thing would be sent to the client. The client then logs in and is first confronted with video tutorials explaining how to edit the information.

It was a huge project that was a lot of fun as well as many nights spent banging my head on the desk trying to work out a solution to a problem.

I was very fortunate to find Chev at 2 dragons. She was amazing to work with and her work ethic is beyond any I have seen. Even years after my site has been up and running, she is always just an email away! Thank you Chev for not only designing exactly what I wanted (and then some) but becoming a good friend in the process. You truly are the best! – Babette Peterson

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Coded by 2dragons
Design by 2dragons
Wordpress Platform

Project URL: Clients Site