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Project Description

Erin has been a client of ours for a few years now. She was struggling with her old site that we managed for her, but she was rapidly outgrowing it. Unable to finance a new site at the time due to promoting another of her fantastic musicals, we stepped in and donated the site free of charge after reading a story about Erin preventing some local people from beating a young dog to death for being a pest while in Thailand. She stepped in, paid to get it healthy and started making arrangements to bring it back to the States. Erin also does a lot of humanitarian work with sex slavery across the world. We thought it was time to do something nice for her.

Chev is a website whiz. She took my complicated site and transformed it into a workable, aesthetically appealing virtual space that is easy to manage and beautiful to look at. Sharp, creative and fast, Chev is simply the best! – Erin Kamler

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