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Project Description

I have been working in this industry both at corporate level and for myself and during that time I have been offered a “trade” many times. My services, in return for a clients services or product. I have never done it, because often I think it can lead to working problems.

Until I met Carmen. I fell in love with her artwork and agreed to make a website in return for a couple of images. Best trade ever!


I am totally in love with my new website!
2 Dragons far exceeded my expectations on how well they understood how I needed my site to look and function, and they absolutely nailed it! All too often service providers make fancy promises, but can’t deliver…2 Dragons does their job proficiently, and effectively, and were a pleasure to deal with. I recommend them to everyone…they truly know their business, and deliver exactly what they say they will. A Fantastic Experience! Thank you 2 Dragons!! – Carmen Suter

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