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Some of this is our design, some is our coding, hopefully I have mentioned
the right people where credit is due, if not, drop us a line

Project Description

The website is super old now. But at the time it was unheard of to use a flash graphic in the header of WordPress. There was a lot of cursing during the learning curve. I keep telling Abigail it’s time to break the barrier again and get a new site. We are in talks!

2 Dragons helped me through my website every step of the way. Chev really grasped who I am and what I am trying to convey through my site. She found banner art that resonated with my spirit and intention, and patiently made helpful suggestions and numerous changes as we went along. I especially appreciate that my site is user-friendly for both me and my visitors. If you know what you’re doing, you can count on her to execute it. If you don’t, relax, you’re in good hands. – Abigail Lewis

Project Details

Coded by 2dragons
Design by 2dragons
Wordpress Platform

Project URL: Clients Site