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Is Your Website Letting You Down?

Let us provide a quote to fix it. Don’t be misled, if we think your site is fine, we will tell you that as well. If you are going to pay to put your business online, stand out for all the right reasons. Hire us to make that happen.

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$15 Quick Fix

We started this when we heard from so many people how the smallest changes took the longest time and cost the most money.
If you think it can be done quickly, it probably can. $15, we fix it. Usually within 24 hours.

  • New logo needs uploading

  • Color changes.

  • Updating your headshot

  • Changing out an image

  • Adding a menu option

  • Website security updates

  • If you think it can be done quickly…

  • …it probably can.

  • $15, we fix it. Usually within 24 hours.

Training & Templates

Counting the pennies? Stuck on how to achieve something? We can help.

Website On A Budget

There are 1000’s of templates available for your site. Rarely do they work out of the box. Quite often the installation requires you have a pretty good knowledge of what you are doing. If you don’t want to play with Zip files, FTP, .htaacess files, database configs and so on and so forth, this may not be the solution you were hoping for.

We will buy, install, set up and teach you how to use it for an inclusive price of $499. Templates are perfect if you are just starting out and don’t have the surety that your site will generate the amount of money you paid for it in a short time. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, you should really go bespoke, but if you are testing the waters, this will get you a really nice site at an entry level.

Training Videos

If you want to learn how to do something specific with any regular program that you find on your computer or website, a Google search will likely turn up some options if you know the correct terminology on how to find what you want to do, but you might also spend ages reading a dry tutorial with tons of adverts finding it hard to distinguish what you are supposed to be following, especially if they are not working on the version that you are.

We offer training videos, short and to the point, often with canine accompaniment, showing you exactly how to achieve whatever it is you are trying to do. Watching an HD video custom made for your situation that you can refer to any time you need it, as though you were standing behind us when we did it.

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